Yesterday, we had a jazz live performance at "Kutsurogi" in Hanno!

The members were Taro Sakakibara on bass, and the owner of the shop, Takeshi Yokoo, on drums.
This time, it was our first live performance as a trio with drums♪

Unlike a trio with wind instruments, I had to play as the front instrument, which required a different style of performance. I hope I was able to convey some of the charm of the guitar.
It was my first time meeting Taro on bass, but we quickly hit it off, finding common ground such as having lived abroad.
In terms of the performance, he immediately adapted and played the songs I arranged♪

Since this live performance was arranged on short notice, attracting an audience was challenging, but next time it will be a live performance and session. So, please feel free to bring your instruments and come have fun!
Let's increase the number of people who love jazz in Hanno!