On April 2nd at 7:30 PM, a jazz guitar duo live performance has been confirmed at P's Bar in Ikebukuro!

We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity as it will be our first time performing at P's Bar! From what I gather, P's Bar seems to host quite a few jazz guitarists, which I find to be one of its charming aspects. (Laughs)

Given this, I've decided to take on the challenge with my favorite guitarist, Yuta Kaji, in a duo formation! I've introduced Kaji-san's profile before, but here's a brief excerpt for those who may have missed it:
※ This is an excerpt version, so for the full profile, please check the link!

Yuta Kaji (born October 22, 1984) began playing guitar at the age of 14. He is a graduate of Meiji University's Big Sounds Society Orchestra and is currently affiliated with GENTLE FOREST JAZZ BAND and "TAIWA" led by Masanobu Otagaki and Yuta Kaji.

In 2010, he embarked on his career as a professional musician. As a member of GENTLE FOREST JAZZ BAND, he appeared on NHK's "Bi no Tsubo" in 2021 for its 15th-anniversary special on jazz. The following year, he participated in the recording of Shingo Katori's "Tokyo SNG." In 2023, he performed at "Tokyo03 FROLIC A HOLIC feat. Creepy Nuts in Nippon Budokan," showcasing his talents at the Nippon Budokan.

Known for his versatility from solo guitar to big band arrangements, he actively participates in live support and recording sessions. He is also highly regarded for his instruction in guitar and conducts coaching sessions for big bands and ensembles.

With deep respect for Freddie Green, guitarist of the Count Basie Orchestra, Kaji's swing-style rhythm guitar sets him apart from others in the field.


Kaji-san and I had the opportunity to perform together several times at Café Theme in Sayama City, but unfortunately, the café closed its doors last year. After a brief hiatus, thanks to P's Bar, we'll be able to perform together again after several months! Our connection with Kaji-san originated from Café Theme, so I'm truly grateful for the various connections we've made!

When it came to performing, we thought it would be nice to have a unit name. This actually took quite some pondering. lol
And voila! After much consideration, we settled on the name "Big Green Beats"!!! The origin is quite simple: it stems from our connection through big band music.
Additionally, we added the name of Freddie Green from the Count Basie Orchestra, whom we both deeply respect! I'm quite satisfied with the name as it's surprisingly easy to remember.

As we are a guitar duo performing vintage jazz, it's certain to be a wonderful live performance that you won't see elsewhere!
If you love traditional swing jazz, please feel free to come and join us♪