Today is our monthly jazz guitar BGM performance!

In this special event, you will be treated to enchanting performances by a skilled jazz guitarist, perfectly complementing the warm atmosphere of Cafe Sai no Mori.
Known for its beautiful interior and serene environment, the cafe is an ideal place to relax and enjoy music.

As it is a solo guitar performance, the music will be at a moderate volume, ensuring it won't interfere with your conversations! You can enjoy the full charm of jazz, from soothing ballads to lively swing♪

Cafe Sai no Mori also offers popular sweets and light meals. Why not enjoy a special cake and fragrant coffee while soaking in the pleasant music and having a leisurely time?

Please bring your friends and family and join us for this unique opportunity.

Let's enjoy a special afternoon together with good music and delicious food. We look forward to seeing you all there.