On February 7th at 7:30 PM, there will be a duo live performance featuring the prominent guitarist Yusuke Yanagida! The venue is DE JILL located in Miyazaki City.

DE JILL is a venue where live performances are held regularly, and this will be our first time performing there.

This live performance is actually quite special! The reason being, the two performers share the same hometown.

I am originally from Mimata-cho, Kitamorokata-gun, and surprisingly, Yusuke Yanagida is also from the exact same hometown!
Moreover, he is three years older and was actually classmates with my older sister! It's an unexpected coincidence!

For those from Mimata-cho living in Miyazaki City, please come and join us. It will be a delightful opportunity to talk about our hometown.

Considering the number of guitarists, there aren't many who specialize in jazz. It's truly rare to have two musicians making a living from jazz in such a small town!

I believe Yusuke and I will perform together many more times in the future, but for this special first occasion, please come and join us!