Yesterday was the jazz live and session at Cafe SAINOMORI in Johnsontown!

The first set was a duo performance with Brent Nussey. I chose some different songs this time, and it was good to challenge myself with songs that could become my strengths.
Of course, I found many areas for improvement, so I need to practice diligently and make adjustments!

The second set was the long-awaited session time for everyone! Unfortunately, some people couldn't join us this time, so only two guitars, a clarinet, and a bass were playing.
Still, I think we managed it in a cozy atmosphere. I'd like to continue doing this, so if you're looking for a jazz session in Iruma City, please consider joining us next time!

By the way, there were two dogs among the customers today, which was very heartwarming. It was a scene unique to Cafe SAINOMORI, where pets are welcome!
Brent, who loves dogs, seemed to be enjoying himself throughout the event! 😊