Yesterday, I had the privilege of performing jazz guitar to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of BRASSERIE Amori!

BRASSERIE Amori is a restaurant and cafe located in Miyamura, Mimata Town, Miyazaki Prefecture. Chef Akiko Nakagawa trained for a year in a French restaurant and gained two years of experience in the kitchen of DEAN&DELUCA in Tokyo. Later, she opened BRASSERIE Amori with her mother in February 12, 2021, fulfilling their dream of running a cafe. It's always a charming place that's fully booked in advance!

Moreover, Akiko and I are actually classmates, and we have several mutual acquaintances.
Seeing someone from the same generation working so hard makes me feel like I can't fall behind!

This time, during my visit home, it was a miraculous coincidence that it coincided with BRASSERIE Amori's 3rd anniversary. So, I had the opportunity to perform live jazz guitar for the celebration. It seemed like the guests enjoyed it, so I hope I added a little something special to the memorable day of this lovely establishment!

After the performance, I had the pleasure of enjoying a meal, and it was truly exquisite. I immediately understood why they're always fully booked! Additionally, some of the dishes reminded me of scenes from my time in England, and being able to enjoy them locally felt like a dream come true. I'm truly grateful to have encountered such a wonderful place that will surely be loved by many more customers in the future.

If you're in Mimata Town and looking for a delicious and cozy restaurant and cafe, I highly recommend paying BRASSERIE Amori a visit!