Yesterday, I had the opportunity to perform jazz guitar background music at Dazzle Cafe.

Interestingly, during my previous visit home, I tried to visit the cafe but it was full, so I couldn't get in. Finally, this time, I had the chance to step inside for the first time!

Both the exterior and interior, as well as the ambiance, were incredibly stylish. I was impressed to see such a wonderful place in my hometown of Mimata Town! It was evident why the cafe is always crowded as soon as I entered!

Moreover, all the food and drinks they serve are reputed to be delicious! Indeed, I tried their coffee and shakes, and they were all exquisite. My family and friends particularly praised the dressings and pasta.

Regarding the performance, the venue had excellent acoustics, allowing me to play the guitar comfortably. The chic atmosphere of the cafe perfectly complemented jazz guitar, creating a fitting space for it. I received many compliments from the customers, and some classmates even came to visit.

After the performance, I learned that the owner and his wife actually love jazz, and they have hosted music events in the cafe before. They mentioned planning an event (like a jazz live?) for my next visit home, so please do come and join us if you can! I also received some souvenirs, so thank you very much. I'll treasure them! ♡