Yesterday, there was a jazz live at Old Earth in Miyakonojo City!
The members were Kenji Nishimura, a trombonist I always rely on, and Yota Sakamoto, a bassist from Miyakonojo.

The live event was so packed that there weren't enough seats, and it was a huge hit!

We were in a somewhat unique space, surrounded by classmates from elementary school, their parents, teachers, and high school teachers—locals all around. (lol)

There were many attendees experiencing a jazz live for the first time, and although I was a bit anxious, they seemed to enjoy it immensely, asking eagerly, "When is the next one!?" It was a concert where I felt the potential of jazz, a genre not often heard. I hope to continue improving my skills and planning enjoyable events in the future!

Also, before the live, I received flowers from the Funk Live group! The culprit turned out to be a close classmate, but since there was no name attached, I didn't know who sent them until halfway through. (Laughs)

From the second stage onwards, the owner and professional drummer, Mr. Furuchi, joined us, making the stage even more splendid. It was my first time performing with drummer Mr. Furuchi, and it was truly an honor to play together! Just adding drums changes the atmosphere completely. It goes without saying that the audience's great satisfaction was largely due to Mr. Furuchi's excellent drumming!

Furthermore, I'm determined to continue energizing Miyakonojo's jazz scene! Your continued support is greatly appreciated!!!