The Jazz Live with Geoff Sheridan at Johnson Town Cafe Sainomori has been confirmed!

Geoff Sheridan is a trumpet player and vocalist from the UK. Like me, he loves old jazz and is a fantastic musician with a beautiful tone. We actually met for the first time at a live event last Thursday, and because I used to live in the UK, we hit it off immediately. We both wanted to do a live performance together, so we quickly planned this event!

The person who facilitated my meeting with Geoff is the bassist who will be joining us for this live performance, Kumiko Imagire. I'm truly grateful to Kumiko for making it possible for me to meet Geoff! Kumiko enjoys playing Gypsy Jazz, and her live performance as a leader showcased a wonderful sound that fits perfectly with swing jazz, which I heard and enjoyed.

This will be my first time performing with a trumpeter at a leader live event, so I'm really looking forward to how it turns out! Geoff is also a charming player as a vocalist, so vocalists out there, please come and listen too!