Yesterday, there was a jazz live performance at Café Saya no Mori with British jazz musician Geoff Sheridan!

As it was a last-minute decision, there were concerns about the turnout, but thanks to everyone's cooperation, we had nearly a full house! I can't thank everyone enough for being so warm and supportive.

All the songs were selected by Geoff, and since he enjoys gypsy jazz, most of them were new to me. However, as I also like gypsy jazz and often listen to it, I think I managed to capture the atmosphere.

For the 1st stage, we played with the regular three members, and for the 2nd stage, we invited some of the audience to join us. The exchanges of solos on the same instrument, like trumpet and guitar, really livened up the atmosphere!

Geoff is also a vocalist, so he sang in almost every song, and it was great! His trumpet playing and vocals have this smooth, rounded impression that I love. Thanks to him, the venue had a complete overseas café vibe, and it seemed like the audience really enjoyed themselves, which makes me incredibly happy.

Bassist Imakura Kumi, provided stable support with her bass lines, allowing us to perform with confidence! I'm looking forward to future collaborations with her, and I'm already excited about the prospect of performing together again!

We'll be performing regularly at Johnson Town Saya no Mori, so please look forward to the next time!