On April 27th, 2024, starting at 7:30 PM, we will be holding a Big Band Mini self-organized live performance as members of the Honey Syrup Big Band!

It's been three years since we started the Honey Syrup Big Band together, but this will be our first solo live performance! Initially planned as something like a public rehearsal, it gradually evolved into a full-fledged live show with the introduction of PA systems, adding more songs, and creating pamphlets. (laughs) With the addition of Kenji Nishimura, our mentor, performing on the same stage, it's sure to be an amazing performance!

Furthermore, it's been confirmed that a crew from Iruma City Cable TV will be coming to cover the event! Whether it's recognition for our diligent activities or not, (laughs) it's truly a delightful development…!

We've all worked tirelessly together in rehearsals up to this point, so I believe we'll be able to deliver a great performance. Admission is free, so please feel free to drop by and enjoy the show!