Last Saturday was the first self-produced live performance of the Honey Syrup Big Band! Despite having a large number of songs, including some challenging ones, I believe we were able to deliver a wonderful performance thanks to the cooperation of the members. Today, as I leisurely listened to the recording of the live performance, I was deeply moved by everyone's growth… Truly, everyone worked incredibly hard.

Moreover, despite the delayed promotion, it was a delightful surprise to have so many guests attend the event! To all the guests who came, thank you very much.

Also, on April 26th for the rehearsal and April 27th for the live performance, the staff from Iruma Cable Television came to film. I'm not sure when it will be broadcasted, but I'm looking forward to it as well♪

Actually, it's been three years since we started the big band in April this year. The fact that we've come this far is thanks to the band members, our instructor Kenji Nishimura, the players who come to assist with rehearsals, the audience who always come to watch, and the people who invite us to events, among many others who have supported us. I'm grateful to be able to make music surrounded by such wonderful people. Thank you all for your continued support of Honey Syrup as we continue to grow even further in the future‼️🐝