Yesterday, we held a jazz guitar duo live at P's Bar in Ikebukuro!

Although we've performed many live shows before, this was actually our first time leading a live performance in Ikebukuro! As a result, there were different faces among the audience, and even classmates from elementary and middle school came to see us! Despite not having seen each other for several years, it felt comfortable talking without reservation, just like old friends from the neighborhood. (Laughs)

During breaks in the live performance, we reminisced about the past and had a great time. However, I regret that we forgot to take a photo together. (Tears)

As for the main event, it was a guitar duo live with Mr. Kaji after a long time, and I think we showed some growth compared to before. Nevertheless, there are still many challenges ahead, so we need to practice every day and make improvements!

P's Bar, thanks to the personality of the current owner, Mr. Abe, is truly a wonderful jazz bar. I highly recommend everyone to visit!