Currently, the Takaki Maeda Guitar School is actively seeking new students!

If you:

  • Want to try playing the guitar
  • Have tried before but want to give it another shot
  • Want to play trending songs
  • Dream of performing live with a band
  • Aim to be able to do solo performances

Then you are warmly welcome!

The guitar is a wonderful instrument that is easy to start with and allows you to enjoy both solo performances and accompaniments. With many guitars suitable for home practice available for sale, you can practice anywhere. Moreover, the guitar is versatile and can adapt to various music styles such as pop, rock, blues, classical, jazz, country, and funk.

When I started playing the guitar, I focused mainly on pop and rock, but now I mainly play jazz. Exploring various genres allows you to experience the charm of the guitar more deeply.

Let's expand the joy of music together. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Playing a musical instrument is a fantastic way to connect with many people. Especially with the guitar, there is high demand in various situations, so learning it is definitely worthwhile!

    Currently, lessons are offered at $40 per hour, which is about $10 cheaper than the market rate. We also offer trial lessons and student discounts, so please check the following page for more details. For those living far away, online lessons are also available!

    Some may worry, "Won't progress be slower without face-to-face interaction?" but that's not the case. Many students who started with online lessons have successfully performed live.

    Let's learn to play the guitar and expand your world!