Yesterday, I had the opportunity to perform live and have a session at Nekoten-sama, where I regularly appear!

At first, the audience was a bit sparse, but gradually the seats filled up, and in the end, there were many customers! Many familiar faces were present, creating a very warm atmosphere for the performance♪

As for the content of the live performance, I feel like I'm gradually getting closer to the style I aim for.
Thanks to the practice, I received compliments from several people. I'm truly grateful…!

The performances with Makiko-chan and Furuito-san have improved as we've done them more times, and the quality of the songs has also increased!
The session had many players joining, creating a lively atmosphere♪
It was a joyful time enjoying music in such a wonderful atmosphere.

The next session is scheduled for June 19th, so let's all look forward to it together!!!