Yesterday was the second jazz live event at Café Shio!

The lineup featured Brent Nussey, who also performed at the first event, and Maiko Tamura, who joined as a clarinetist and vocalist.
With the antique furniture and accessories setting a charming atmosphere at the café, I thought Maiko's old-style performance would complement it perfectly. And it turned out to be just as I expected!

The place was packed with satisfied customers, and we managed to host a truly wonderful live performance.
Both performers seemed to enjoy themselves during the show, and it was delightful to see them mingling with the audience afterward.
Although Café Shio has many regulars, we also had a few new faces this time. It's really gratifying as a performer to see more people discovering this wonderful venue!

After the performance, I consulted Brent about guitar setup issues.
Being someone who is particular about sound, Brent truly understood my concerns and offered fantastic advice. He's been a great help since the early days of my music career, and I'm grateful for everything!
Thanks to him, my playability has improved significantly, and I'm filled with eagerness to try it out at the next live show!

We'll be performing at Shio again, so if you live in Ina City, please come and join us! It's a lovely place with a warm and serene atmosphere, right in front of Bushi Station.