Yesterday, I had a jazz live performance at Mojo in Tokorozawa, primarily accompanying vocals.
While I've known about Mojo for many years, it was my first time performing there! The performance area is soundproofed and separated into a different room, providing a well-equipped and fantastic acoustic environment.
It's highly recommended for music enthusiasts!

Approximately 40 guests attended, creating a delightful atmosphere, and I enjoyed playing the guitar.
Although it was my first time primarily accompanying vocals, I found it to be a valuable learning experience, and I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future!

I was personally delighted to collaborate with Mayumi Ishida on piano, Shoichi Asano on bass, and Nisshi on vocals. Nisshi and I have collaborated in various settings before, so being able to perform together in this way was truly special.

I hope to have the chance to perform at this venue again. If anyone is in need of jazz guitar accompaniment, please feel free to reach out!