Yesterday, I had the opportunity to perform jazz at the event hosted by MUJI in Ome City!
MUJI is a bakery surrounded by nature in a quiet mountainous area. From this year, they have been organizing regular live events, and this was the memorable first edition!

The venue featured handcrafted stone ovens, BBQ sets, and a fireplace that uses firewood, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Studio Ghibli, which left me quite impressed.

For my performance, I started with a guitar duo playing 'In a Mellow Tone' and added bass for 'Tangerine.' Later, we performed four songs by adding clarinet, trumpet, and saxophone. 'Tangerine' was a requested song, and I was delighted to play it, especially since it's a favorite of the revered Bucky Pizzarelli, whom I admire.

This year, I already have numerous live performances lined up from January, and I'm excited to give my all in every single one!