【Guitar Lessons】If you reside in Mimata Town, Miyakonojo City, or the vicinity of Miyazaki City and want to learn the guitar, please feel free to contact us! 🎸 Currently recruiting students!
Takaaki Maeda, a professional jazz guitarist from Mimata Town, is now accepting new students.

"I want to learn to play the guitar."
"I want you to teach me that admired song."
"I want to try learning jazz guitar."
"I want to learn music theory and be able to improvise freely."

We conduct lessons tailored to the preferences of the students. There are no enrollment fees or teaching material costs, and the frequency and timing of lessons can be decided through discussion, so rest assured. 😊

As Maeda, who conducts the lessons, is based in the Tokyo metropolitan area, for those residing in Miyazaki Prefecture, online lessons will be the main format. You might be concerned about not progressing without face-to-face lessons, but there's no need to worry. Some students who took online lessons have even made their session debuts! Let's aim to become a cool guitarist capable of handling any genre by learning the basics thoroughly. 🎶

Music is also a wonderful opportunity to meet many people. The guitar is an instrument that can be started easily and can be continued at any age. Feel free to inquire, even if it's just for consultation!

Our rates are reasonably priced at 4,000 yen per hour, which is about 1,000 yen lower than the market average. We also offer trial lessons and student discounts, so please check out this page for more details. 🎉

Let's definitely learn to play the guitar and broaden our own worlds! 🌟


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